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From the guests’ perspective, the Spa business
is all about hospitality and personal service in a
relaxing setting.

To the Spa Management, it is all about
day-to-day business operations and the hard numbers:

Revenue, Costs, Expenses, and Ultimately Spa Profit.


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As a leading Spa consulting company, we believe managing
a successful Spa starts with developing and implementing a profit-oriented business model, continues by creating a positive employee environment, and flourishes when customer service excellence is achieved.

Whether you are running a Spa in the Day Spa business, Medical Spa business, please read below and explore our website to discover just how Resources & Development can help you achieve your Spa business goals. On this website you will find FREE Resources, Do-it-Yourself Solutions, Educational Opportunities, and Expert Consulting, all designed to help you achieve Operational Efficiency, Superior Customer Service, and Maximum Profitability.

Find out why Resources & Development has become the fastest growing, most trusted resource for consulting, coaching, and support service in the Spa Industry.

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You are an expert at what you do, but very few are experts at everything. Here at Resources & Development our expertise is Developing High Levels of Customer Service, Developing Employees and most of all Developing the Profitability of the Spas we work with.

If you are starting a new Spa, you may need help in creating a Feasibility Study with our "Financial Blueprint Feasibility Consulting Package".  Also take advantage of our Ready-to-Use Spa Business Plan w/ Financials.


If you already own a Spa you will find our other "Ready-to-Use Business Tools" helpful such as Employee Handbook, Standard Operational Procedures, and Job Descriptions.  


Our Spa Valuation Service is called "Your Bottom Line™" and will help determine the value of a Spa Business for both Buyers and Sellers.

Sometimes you need someone to share an idea with, help creating a compensation system that works, ideas on how to enhance your current operation, assistance selecting and recruiting the right staff for your business, help improving your revenues and profits, someone to assist you in developing and creating your dream spa, or any of a hundred other questions, our Consultants are at your services for Virtual Consulting, Spa HR-to-Go, or Human Resources Services, as well as a variety of other Consulting Services.

For more information about our various services we invite you to browse our website.  Be sure to take advantage of our Library of Published Articles, our Free Report on "19 Steps to Opening Your Dream Spa", and our Free Monthly Newsletter.

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